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Site owner, admin, and chief coder

Pieman's origins have been lost to the sands of time, but it is believed he was actually the fourth Wise Man, who couldn't make it to the birth of Jesus Christ as his VW CamperVan was still up on bricks. This is a shame, as his intended gifts of "a bottle of Old Spice and a GameBoy with a copy of Tetris" would have changed the face of religion as we know it.


"What passes for authority round these parts"

Wrote his first ever game at the age of 4 using his mothers' Sinclair Spectrum 48k, and by the time he was 9 he was being interviewed by a young Bill Gates for a head position at his new company. Unfortunately, an accident involving a top-loading VCR and a plastic lawn flamingo resulted in Blokeymon becoming a drooling moron. Can usually be found being fascinated by his own bellybutton lint.

Lady Y

Site mod and shortarse psycho

One of a rare breed - that of the female gamer. The other - and better - half of Blokeymon, how she has gone this far without murdering him is anyones guess, although rumour has it that a steady influx of batteries for her Sega GameGear means she's too busy playing Woody Pop for her to care. Named after the evil, twisted, psychotic bitch of a boss from Final Fantasy X, although no-one knows why...

Prof Chaos

Site mod and rum-loving blaggard

The bastard son of a rum maker and a cutthroat pirate, The Prof has spent much of his adult life getting absolutely bladdered and/or raping and pillaging. Recently settled down with a comely bar-wench, picked himself up an Xbox 360, and has turned his back on his errant ways. That said, he's the founder and most consistent contributor to the forums "Drunk thread", where he regularly updates us on his antics by drunkenly smashing his face into his keyboard.


Site mod and manic plank-spanker

Was once a roadie for fictional 80s metal band Lovefist until he was booted off the crew for accidentally killing the entire band. The morning of April 27th 1987 was a terrible one, as all five members were found dead after choking on Ax's vomit. After spending several years doing menial jobs in the government sector, he got into videogames and eventually stumbled across UUDD while trying to search for a legit nude Lara Croft cheat code and settled down as site mod.

The Twilight Storm

CSite mod and most certainly NOT a sparkly vampire

Posted by Blokeymon - 08/05/2011

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