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Retro Purchases
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Author:  dragonheat [ Tue May 20, 2014 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Retro Purchases

Blokeymon wrote:
Ax wrote:
My uncle used to say "shuckshun" instead of "suction".

That's just because he had no teeth.

What's this thread again?

So when we playing Chivalry?

thought it was minecraft

Author:  Bokuten [ Tue May 20, 2014 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Retro Purchases

MAG anyone?

Author:  Ax [ Sat May 02, 2015 1:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Retro Purchases

So I figured I'd revive this old thread, possibly forum.

I got a Dreamcast for my 30th from the missus. Yeah I had one on release but in my juvinility.

I've really started collecting what I can from Charity shops. It's a fun thing to do. sadly there aren't many places that sell the kind of games I'm after these days, not in Edinburgh anyway but I do get some. There's one particular Cash Converters (pawn shop) that has Dreamcast games and some other retro stuff. If I had the money today I would have purchased a Megadrive and a Master System.

Anyway I took pics of what I've gathered so far...First is my PS2 collection....



I don't like the console so much but some of the games are classics. In fact it's probably my least favourite console, and in my opinion the weakest of it's generation (funny given it's sales).
Got Tenchu, GTA SA, Final Fantasy and Spiderman2 this morning. SA will likely be worth owning one day, and I'm surprised Spiderman 2 isn't yet, given how it's probably the best Spiderman game to date (though "Vs The Kingpin" was possibly tied). They have the first Tenchu in that shop but it's £7.99 which is quite steep for the money I have to spend at the minute. PoP and Silent Hill was bought by the missus who gets me whatever she finds when she visits her parents just outside of Edinburgh.


Got the original release of Tomb Raider for the PSX. As well as TR 4. I'm a big fan of the first game, and I loved the re-boot too. Vagrant story was obtained for me by my big bro, Stones, among others, bless him. Also probably the best driver game they released (none of that arsing around getting out of your car).


I'm a Duke Nukem fan, so naturally I have the original on the station. Blade isn't the best game ever but I had a lot of fun with it in it's time. Got quite far. Anyone played Deathtrap Dungeon? It's certainly a very adult game, I couldn't appreciate it as a kid.


The three FF fresh releases on the PSX. Found VII cheap in a charity shop last year.


Can't play Goldeneye, it's ages terribly. Outrun is a classic and needs no explaination. Got PGR and Forza just to collect. Bought Forza on release but must have gotten rid when I stupidly got rid of my Crystal Xbox back in the day.


Really enjoyed this Terminator game when I was younger, just because you got to fight in the future war quite a lot, and see him get sent back in time. I thought it was better than the actual film! I bought Midway Arcade Treasures just for Smash TV which unfortunately doesn't work on a 360, so I might have to wait till I've obtained an xbox.


Here's my pride and joy right now. I'm a big fan of the old Resident Evil games, and as the best versions were the ones released on the Dreamcast, I naturally decided to hunt them down! So I got CodeVeronica which looks fantastic! And Ressy 2 which I had to buy off eBay but I was happy to do. I finished Res 2 in a few days (got an A ranking). Want 3 before I finish CV.


Havnt gotten around to playing Tokyo Highway Battle as I don't reckon it's aged well, same with Toy Racer. But I got House of the Dead cheap as fuck with the gun, pristine in the box. Might get to play it one day too, if I find the right TV. And of course Soul Reaver which will be getting a playthrough at some point.



Sega Rally 2, naturally. Another Tomb Raider 4, just because. And Craaaaaazy Taxi (with the original soundtrack and endoursments!!!).

So that's my collection so far. It's probably an uninteresting journey, just a chunky wall of what I've got but I'll try and update from time to time with my stories of findings and whatnot. What's awesome about this new passion for retro games is that my buddy Auss Man has also gotten a spark too, collecting Dreamcast games and from what I can gather he's focussing more on the Nintendo side of things, obtaining the likes of the two 64 Zelda games and other bits on there.

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