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 Post subject: NiGHTS Into Dreams
PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:14 pm 
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I will open up this thread by saying "What the hell is this?"

I picked up NiGHTS on the PSN, and started playing the remake (which functions the same way the classic version does, so I passed on that one), and I've honestly no clue what I'm doing. I played 2 or three levels... Is there something I'm missing? I'm just kinda collecting stuff, returning to a hub, and fighting a boss. It's not even all that entertaining, it's just really odd. I get that it was released in a time where 3D environments were very new, and devs were still getting a grip on how to move around properly in 3D space, but I'm pretty jaded here. What do? Who's played this before and can explain?

Despite what the playstation sig says, I'm not from the UK. G'job Sony.

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 Post subject: Re: NiGHTS Into Dreams
PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:18 pm 
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That is pretty much all you do.


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 Post subject: Re: NiGHTS Into Dreams
PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:31 pm 
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Me wrote:
When starting a new game, players get to choose between Claris' or Elliot's path. Each child has three unique Dreams (levels), and a final Dream that is the same for both of them. Each Dream is meant to reflect certain aspects of Claris or Elliot, and they are all divided into four Mares (sections) before facing the boss Nightmaren. The goal of each Dream is to collect 20 blue chips in each Mare and deliver them to the floating Ideya Capture. Faster destruction of the Ideya Capture results in a higher score, and players should seek to achieve as high a score as possible within each Mare's time limit.

At the beginning of each Dream players are in control of one of the children. The child is quickly attacked and their Ideya (dream energies) are stolen with the exception of the red Ideya symbolizing Bravery. When controlling Claris or Elliot, the game uses basic 3D platforming mechanics, but the fun begins when the player makes contact with NiGHTS. Upon touching NiGHTS, the child and NiGHTS become one, and NiGHTS leaps into the air. When controlling NiGHTS, the left analog stick is used to control the direction NiGHTS will fly with 2D range of motion. NiGHTS has a drilling boost ability which can be used to attack, or forming a loop in flight causes a 'Paraloop' attack/trick. In addition to attacking enemies, Paralooping can be used to collect any items within the loop, as well as uncovering hidden items.

Basically, do everything as fast/fluidly as possible while building your best combo. If you don't like replaying to try to improve your run/score you won't like the game.

One of the best games ever.

That is all.


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