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 Post subject: Playing the game right and participating in events
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:22 am 
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There are even things for sale on the K-Ching store for 100 components too, so everything is not priced wildly as it's for the ED shop. For the most part everything purchased on the cash shop was just cosmetic in nature. The 1 exception is the pet food I mentioned before and a few pets themselves. Pets have various skills and based on what skills you want your pet to get, you may need to buy them on the cash store. Additionally, those who purchase food from the Buy Elsword ED store may have a little bit of a simpler time leveling up their pets. None of this really is a deal breaker for me because at the end of the afternoon the pets did not appear like a huge deal. They're certainly wonderful to have and do assist but the benefits of one doesn't seem incredible enough to unbalance the match between people who cover those who do not. Plus there are a number of pets available through playing the game right and participating in events.

Oddly enough exactly what bothered me about this match was quality of life problems over anything else. By way of instance, it really frustrates me there is no separate slider for the voice overs and the only choices are the desktop and the SFX. The main reason this particularly bothers me is because I generally like SFX to be super low, music someplace in the middle, and voice to be at full so I could hear everything easily. The other thing that was frustrating was I had to make it all the way through the tutorial before I was able to get the options menu. Since that which starts off at full the tutorial was just a loud mess for me. The last annoyance for me was that the launcher doesn't have any mechanism to remember my login, and it is likely a security attribute or something but for me it's really annoying it wouldn't at least recall my e-mail.

It's an enjoyable and unique game that is just bursting with articles. If a dungeon grinding game with minor elements of platforming sounds cool to you it's worth a try. As I mentioned before the only real downsides for me personally were the QoL things but these were not sufficient to kill my enjoyment.

Elsword, despite being among the most played Anime MMOs on the market, is still kind of an unknown about these parts. We caught up with KOG Studios out in sunny California to chat about the actions MMORPG and what it is about. Read on!

A number of our users may not be knowledgeable about Elsword, despite its popularity. Can you please provide us a short introduction to Elsword? Elsword is a dynamic, high-speed and extremely stylized action game that is simple for every one to enjoy; a global online activity MMO happenings with explosive, colorful playability yet easy to control.

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 Post subject: Re: Playing the game right and participating in events
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:53 am 
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